About Maddocks Farm Organics

Welcome to Maddocks Farm Organics.

Jan and Stuart uprooted their family in 2002 to move to Devon as a direct result of watching far too many episodes of ‘Escape to River Cottage’! The lifestyle change after more than a decade of living and working in London was literally a breathe of fresh air and Jan set about establishing Maddocks Farm Organics, offering small scale seasonal organic vegetable boxes. With Stuart still commuting to London and Imogen not yet at school, it was an extremely challenging time.

The salads developed from a desire to offer more than just lettuces in the boxes and the feedback was so positive that the business grew from there and we soon started supplying shops and pubs. In 2008 Jan made the conscious decision to stop the wider veggie boxes and to specialise in edible flowers and salads.

Maddocks Farm Organics is the only edible flowers specialist that has an organic licence. We haven’t looked back since moving to Devon and are delighted with the recognition our product have achieved. Our Seasonal Flower Salad Bags were recognised with a Highly Commended Organic Award in 2009 and our Herb Flower Salad was Winner in the 2012 Soil Association Food Awards. In 2013 Jan was made a Soil Association Food Hero which was a great honour and in 2014 was a finalist in the Organic Innovations Awards. 2016 saw us become runners up in the Organic Industry’s BOOM Awards for the most Innovative Organic Business. In 2017/18 we won Organic Industry’s BOOM Awards for Best Fresh Produce in the UK. 

Jan. The mastermind behind Maddocks Farm Organics. A touch gobby! Scares most chefs. Loves gin and a french accent.

Insanely proud to be a Soil Association Organic Hero. Gets increasingly sweary as the season progresses

Long suffering Stu. So called because Jan frequently abuses him to this degree but its amazing how restorative a pint of Otter Ale can be. Gets time off for good behaviour to go fishing.... Has a real job as a philatelic expert.

Bridget. Head Gardener at Maddocks Farm Organics. A cross between Gertrude Jekyll and Mary Poppins she has a trug instead of a carpet bag  which contains all manner of magic and she is a horticultural wonder. Far too qualified to work here but I'm not going to tell her and you mustn't either. 

  • Utterly wonderful Dr Richard Comont from the Bumble Bee Conservation Trust who runs courses here each year.
  • Nigel. In charge of slug patrols
  • Still in wellies when its 28* - numpty!
  • Such a tart.
  • Self proclaimed Ombre cornflower cake aficionado. (Don't ask!)
  • Centrefold of the Telegraph!
  • Bringing some much needed glamour to the field.
  • Working the Super Mario look for Stylist Magazine. (Don't mention my Super Mario Moustache!)

Some of the motely crew for 2019 including Nigel the toad who does fabulous work on slug patrol and Lily the Jack Russell who shamelessly photobombs every magazine picture or TV show. Oh and our esteemed two legged fabulous picking team. xxx