Buy Calendula Flowers

20 flower heads per box.

Calendulas are available between the beginning of April and the middle of October. Please don’t order outside of these times.

Calendulas. Stunning strands of orange and yellow confetti style petals with a mild spicy almost nutmeg like flavour. These works brilliantly with both savoury and sweet dishes and their stunning vibrancy epitomises summer.

Here we sell a box of more than 20 large calendula heads which will produce enough petals to more than decorate a whole host of dishes or cakes – as such, they are fabulous value for money. If you have surplus you can always freeze them into ice cubes or make some floral butters or oils for the freezer. If you want more but smaller ones for cocktails then please let us know.

Calendula flowers also have great medicinal qualities and are used to make soothing ointments and salves which protect against sunburn and other skin conditions as they have anti-inflamatory qualities.

We will include a selection of oranges and yellows within the box but if you’d just prefer just one colour then please do specify below.


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