Coral Flower - Celosia

Coral flowers

Fabulously flamboyant edible flowers with the look of coral and the texture of velvet these are certainly a talking point in the edible flower world. 

If we are entirely honest Coral flowers are not the greatest in flavour and have a slightly mealy texture. Think dried wheatabix and you won't be far wrong. HOWEVER they should not be dismissed because of this. They are entirely edible and here at Maddocks Farm Organics they are obviously grown without any of the herbicides or pesticides which make some flower garnishes so toxic to eat. So if you want to add a bit of drama to your cake or garnish board then these are perfect. They are large so we can usually only squeeze a couple into a box but they are ridged like coral so can be broken down into segments and work really well on a cake like this. See the image of the cake by The Blushing Cook although ours are not as tightly curled as these are - more elongated and velvety. 

Format: 21/01/2022
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