Edible Christmas Wreathes for sale

Buy 'edible' Christmas Wreathes from Maddocks Farm Organics. 

I'm not sure quite how I got into making 'edible' Christmas Wreathes really. It was a fun thing to do with my mate Tracey. It also started with my obsession with all things food and then spiralled from there.

I was comission to make some wreathes for the cookery book section of the BBC Good Food Show a few years ago and because they had to travel and be foodie we opted for 'Christmas Nuts', 'Sprouts and Chillies', and 'Garlic'. 

This year the idea has intrigued Delicious Magazine and we are so delighted to be featured in their December issue. THANK YOU DELICIOUS! For this we have made a series of Christmas Dinner themed Edible Christmas Wreaths which  include:

Christmas Stuffing (Get Stuffed) Wreath with herbs, shallots, red onions, garlic, cranberries and chestnuts.  

The Brassica (Eat Your Greens) Wreath with gorgeous seasonal kales, cabbages and sprouts. 

Christmas Pudding Wreath (Fruity Little Number) with figs, oranges, apples and rose hips. 

Plus the original

Sprout n Chilli (The Trump) Wreath with just sprouts and chillies;

The Garlic (Carol Singer Deterrent) Wreath 

Christmas Nuts (Your Nuts) Wreath. 

All these are available to purchase here and we will willingly make them up for you. However these wreathes are pretty substantial and very heavy so they are only available to be collected from our Devon Farm.

Collection dates are anywhere between Friday 14th December and Sunday 23rd December. The last day for ordering is Sunday 16th December. 


A small word of warning. These wreathes are made up of food items which are technically edible but we really wouldn't recommend munching on them. Obviously the food items will have been manhandled by ourselves and prodded with wires in the process of making, they will then have travelled back to your houses no doubt with the dog in the boot of the car and will then hang on your front door exposed to all the elements. Best admired rather than served up to the Mother In Law.

Please choose:

- style  and size (diameters in inches across from outside to outside) from the drop down menu

- and in the request box let us know what date you would like to collect your wreath (between 14th and 23rd December). Please give us at least 3 days notice between ordering and collecting.

Images attached but if you are unclear or if you have a special request then email Jan at maddocksfarmorganics@gmail.com. We love a challenge!


Huge thank you to Delicious Magazine for featuring our wreathes. Thank you also so much to Neil White Photographer for the stunning images (the not stunning images are mine!)  and Clare Hargreaves for writing so eloquently about us. XX

Format: 21/01/2022
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