Edible Fuchsia Flowers

Fuchsia flowers.

Crunchy with a green almost cos like sweetness, fuchsias are beautiful edible flowers. Their fleshy nature means they are as at home on a salad as popped into a cocktail and with those gorgous ruffled skirts they are proper divas on cakes as well. 

We grow two types of organic edible fuchsia here on our Devon Farm:

 - Cocktail Fuschias - Cream, lilac and pink fuschias sold in boxes of 20. These are bigger and blousier and perfect for goblets and cakes. Superb on a cupcake! A bit more brash

- Flute Fuschias - Tiny little cream star fuchsias sold in boxes of 40. These are the perfect size and elegance for champagne flutes. Pure cream but sometime with the merest hint of green at the end of the sepals or the palest modest maidenly hint of blush to the underskirts. (see photos 3 and 4)


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