Fire Feathers - Celosia

Fire Feathers or Fire Sticks

Fabulously flamboyant edible flower wands with a vibrancy of which lends itself well to garnishes for cocktails in particular. Had Ken Dodd been alive to invent a cocktail he would have wanted these for tickling sticks. 

If we are entirely honest Fire Feathers or Fire Sticks depending on how you'd like to call them are not the greatest in flavour and have a slightly mealy texture. Think dried wheatabix and you won't be far wrong. HOWEVER they should not be dismissed because of this. They are entirely edible and here at Maddocks Farm Organics they are obviously grown without any of the herbicides or pesticides which make some flower garnishes so toxic to eat. So if you want to add a bit of fluff to your festivities then these are perfect. 

If you crystallise them then you are well on your way to candyfloss!

20 sticks £8


Format: 21/01/2022
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