Ice Plant


Buy organic ice plant. 


Iceplant is a fabulous and unusual addition to dishes adding texture and taste. A real talking point with chefs and customers. 


Each leaf is covered with hundreds of tiny clear shiny bubbles making the whole appearance of the leaf to look as it if is covered in crystals. It is crisp in texture (like purslane)  and slightly sour and salty in flavour. Often it is used in Japanese dishes or with fish.  Not dissimilar to samphire but much fleshier. 


It lends itself well to pickling but is also nice to add a crunch to salads. 


Ice plant can also be blanched or wilted with a little butter. It is best used in small quantities as a surprise element on the dish. A large amount might be a little gelatanous. 


Also rather nice in a G & T but then what isn't!


Minmum weight 75grms



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