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30grm punnet.

Chervil looks like a fine feathery version of flatleaf parsley and has a mild, sweet aniseed flavour. This punnet contains 30+grms of chervil and some of its pretty white flowers when in season. 

Chervil works brilliantly with eggs, fish and delicate sauces. It is an important herb in French Cuisine (making up one of the four herbs used for Les Fines Herbes) and the star of the famous Bearnaise sauce. 

According to Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall in the Guardian

"Chervil's name is derived from the Greek chaerophyllon, meaning the herb of rejoicing or, less reverentially, the happy herb. It's a notion that spread beyond the ancient world, too: in European folklore, the eating of chervil was encouraged because it was said not only to aid digestion, but to inspire cheerfulness and sharp wits. It certainly brings a smile to my face whenever I chop, nibble or sprinkle it".

Don't add too early if you are using as a garnish as it is very delicate and prone to wilt quickly. 


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