Sweet Woodruff

Sweet Woodruff Leaves and Flowers


Sweet woodruff  has traditionally been used for flavouring wine over the centuries and has the been used medicinally since the middle ages. It has been described as ambrosia for fairies which is a lovely description. It's sweet hay like perfume is enhanced by drying and it is wonderful then for flavouring spirits, teas, stocks,  syrups or cream etc. 

Recipe HERE from the Scottish Wildlife Trust for Sweet Woodruff Cordial. 

It is used in food and beverage industry as a flavouring and also medicinally for centuries for heart, lung and stomach disorders but there is mixed information about the quantities in which is it safe to eat. Caution and research must be undertaken before using because it contains an anticoagulant. Anyone with circulatory problems or who is using medication for thinning the blood should not use this plant under any conditions, as it may cause internal bleeding when taken in large doses.

Link to Guardian Article about Sweet Woodruff HERE

Available for a few short weeks in the Spring only.  


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