The Edible Christmas Wreath Making Kits


'Edible' Christmas Wreath Making Kits

As recommended and featured in the Christmas Edition of Delicious Magazine!

I've been making Christmas wreathes for more than 16 years now and find it a lovely creative and cathartic counter balance to the modern day madness of 21st Century Christmas where consumerism seems to rule. Being a gardener it also made sense to make them out of items that I had 'lying around' and been an obsessional foodie it also made sense to make wreathes out of food. Well that's the way my mind works. Christmas wreathes also make a lovely gift that can be personalised to the recipient eg with seed heads on for a fellow gardener, old corks on for a wine merchant and herbs for a chef.

Christmas wreathes are very straightforward to make with our DIY kit and the great thing in this modern day and age is that at lot of it can be recycled for use again in future years. 


You will need to add your own fresh foliage. 

Sadly we don't have the room to send you the fresh foliage that you need to make your wreath so you will need to gather the foliage and we'll send the rest. Perfect time for a forage in the garden. If you don't have access  to any foliage or don't want a foliage background then have a look at some suggestions on our blog here. There are a load of creative alternatives such as brussel sprout wreathes, garlic wreathes,  mixed nut wreathes etc. 


The Wreath kit costs £32 (plus postage) and contains:

 - 2 x 10 inch wire wreath frame - REUSABLE  (This will be large enough for you to make either two Christmas wreathes up to 16 inches across or a wreath AND a Christmas table centre)

 - enough Devon meadow hay to cover the bases (no need to use imported spagnum moss) - CAN BE LEFT ON THE BASE FOR NEXT YEAR

 - a roll of florist wire (enough to make this year's wreath and possibly even two depending upon how carried away you get)

 - a bundle of 30 stubbing wires for wiring decorations onto the frame - REUSABLE and can be cut in half to attach up to 60 items.

 - a choice of either a Christmas florist wired bow or raffia bow ( WRITE YOUR CHOICE BELOW )

 - a full instructions for making your wreath. 

And some natural decorations to get you started: 

 - a selection of cinnamon sticks (6),

 - dried orange slices(9),

 - whole dried oranges(3),

 - walnuts (10),

 - dried red chillies (12).   


Can't be bothered or don't have time? Come to the farm instead and collect a ready made wreath?

If you don't have the time or the inclination to make your own Christmas wreath then you can buy one of our ready made Christmas wreathes HERE. I should add that these are luxurious and heavy so we cannot post them. They have to be collected from the farm only. 

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