60 standard violas to a box – mixed seasonal colours unless requested

100 fairy violas to a box – mixed creams and purples/yellow unless requested.

Violas come in pretty much every colour except green. They are one of the better know and loved of the edible flowers and they are the ones most commonly associated with  crystallised flowers.

Violas are incredibly colourful and can flower all year around but are particularly prolific from early spring until about mid September. Their black or dark blue centres contrast with their bright outer colours and make them a welcome addition to any plate. They have a very subtle fragrance and virtually no flavour at all which means that they can accompany both sweet and savoury dishes with equal ease. They are the flower most often used by chefs for garnishing plates. The stunning cake to the left was photographed by The Daily Mail Weekend Magazine when they wrote an article about us.

We sell two sizes of violas.

Fairy violas which, as the name suggests, are tiny and perfect for garnishing bite size canapés or dropping in a glass of something special – they are slightly smaller than a 5p piece.  They JUST come in purple/yellow/white bicoloured.

We also sell standard size violas which slightly smaller than a 10p piece. They come in a range of colours. You can see the difference in size by clicking on the white button below.

Format: 20/08/2022
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