Wild Garlic Leaves

Wild Garlic

100 grm of wild garlic leaves

or a punnet wild garlic flowers

Our wild garlic is grown here on our organic farm. It is true to say that there will never be a vampire in these parts in March and April as wild garlic goes with everything and into EVERYTHING. It is fabulous in pesto or a salsa verde, perfect in an omlette, wrapped around fish or pork tenderloin or stuffed into mushrooms. 

It is also extremely good for you. According to the Guardian....

"Given its antibacterial, antibiotic, antiseptic and anti ... well, just about everything, properties, it makes sense to pack as much into your diet as you can. The headline health benefit of garlic is its effectiveness in reducing blood pressure and, hence, heart disease and the risk of stroke. Although all garlic has this property, wild garlic has the greatest effect on lowering blood pressure."


And remember about the vampires.... its a win win! :)

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