Wild Garlic Salt

Organic Wild Garlic Salt


55gms sold in pretty reusable tins. £6

Wild Garlic Salt should taste of wild garlic right? This produce is strong, very strong. We pack more than 10 grms of wild garlic into every 55 grm tin so either use sparingly or mix with regular sea salt or just enjoy and prepare for your love life to slump a little during its consumption!

Our organic wild garlic is grown here at Maddocks Farm and harvested responsibly. It is then blended with fabulous Halen Môn course salt until the salt takes on the fabulous green hue of the wild garlic. Over time the colour will become duller because we use no preservatives but this doesn't affect the quality or taste. 

The result is bold and rustic and organic in every way but can easily be popped into a blender for a finer mix. This works brilliantly sprinkled on pretty much anything but our favourites are caressing a summery tomato, basil and mozerella salad, sprinked on a summer BBQ, massaged into slow roast lamb, topping home made focaccia bread or kissing the humble jacket potato. Let us know how you enjoy yours. 

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