Wild Primroses

(70 + wild primrose flowers per box)

Primrose flowers are the first herald of Spring and their delicate colour and perfume are as lovely on the plate as they are on an April country walk.

Primroses have a subtle yet distinctive perfume which is discernible in baking. Slightly sweet and definitely floral. Primroses are perfect therefore for making floral syrups and curds and along with their cousins the primulas they are also wonderful crystallised. Alternatively floating in a cocktail or dressing a salad, they are lovely for a Spring Wedding or celebration.

Maddocks Farm Organics has a wild foraging licence with the Soil Association which means that we are licenced to sustainable forage for wild primroses on our land. All our primroses are organic. We pick early in the day and send out by overnight courier so that they arrive with you pretty much within 24 hours of being nestled on a Devonshire bank.

As well as primroses we also sell their more colourful cousins the primulas. If you’d like a colourful mix of primroses and primulas then please do specify below when you order.

Primroses are in stock from late March to early May depending on the season. These are foraged from the wild so if the weather is very inclement we might not be able to pick and will contact you.

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