Available from July to early October. 

Firstly up it should be admitted that whilst technically edible Zinnias do not really taste great. There are some edible flowers which are a taste sensation and these do not fall into that category. However what they lack in taste they make up for in colour, vibrancy and their ability to hold well and look great. This, couple with the fact that all our flowers are certified organic and therefore complete free of all toxins or other nasties mean that they are great used to garnish wedding cakes and to decorate canape boards. They also come in a great range of colours and sizes so unless you are after blues or purples there should be a zinnia to match your colour scheme. 


Here sold in boxes of large at 8 to a box or smaller at 15 to a box. Sold in mixed colours. If you'd like a particular palate of colours then pop into the requests below but many of the Zinnias are multicoloured or bicoloured so we can only match approximately. 

Format: 04/12/2021
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