Why Organic?

Why Organic?

Organic Edible Flowers

It makes complete sense. Edible flowers are something that can’t readily be washed and certainly not peeled to remove any chemical residue like regular fruit and veg. Commerial flowers from florists, supermarkets and garden centers are sprayed with chemicals unfit for human consumption and definitely should not be eaten. See here for more information.

Growing organic edible flowers is about so much more than simply removing chemicals from the growing process or meeting the strict standards of the Soil Association. It is about developing an understanding of the plants that we grow; working with the seasons; improving the soil structure and letting plants mature at a pace which allows their full flavour, colours and perfume to develop. Being certified organic is therefore an expensive option both financially and in time as there are no shortcuts. We grow in the soil, as nature intended, not in substrate in pots. We have polytunnels to protect from the elements and naturally extend the seasons but we don’t artificially heat these.

Every year offers up different challenges but we would not change a single thing. We live and work in the most beautiful part of the country. My ‘office’ is now a poly tunnel with view across towards Dartmoor and most importantly we do a job that we absolutely love, working with fabulous people who are passionate about the region and about food.

We have two licences with the Soil Association. One for growing organic edible flowers and salad for which we are annually inspected to ensure that we meet the rigid criteria of organic certification and that the farm meets organics and ecological standards and that our land stewardship is exemplary. The second is for processing organic edible flowers and salad. This latter licence give the public peace of mind that our food processing standards and packaging are both quality approved and meet the rigid standards set down by the Soil Association.

Our electricity comes from photovoltaic cells on the barn roof. Our water comes from a natural spring and is sterilised using UV filters so no chemicals, even chlorine are present. Our waste water is filter through a natural reed bed system. Our edible flower packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable. This means our carbon footprint is almost negligible. No other edible flower specialist goes to these lengths to have such a green organic business.

For more information about being organic and the Soil Association please follow the link.

We have a converted organic holiday barn here on our small flower farm. If you’d like to one and stay and have a tour around we’d love to see you. See here for details.

If you are a Soil Association member then you can claim a 12% discount on all products in our online shop. For details go to the Soil Association website.